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Deep Dish TV has transitioned from a non-profit organization producing and distributing progressive video on key issues of the day to an archival site that contains over 500 hours of programming. The Deep Dish TV website is currently under reconstruction, but the entire archives will be available soon.

In the meantime, an older Deep Dish TV website with all of the videos and descriptions is available here:

For 30 years Deep Dish TV created what historian Howard Zinn described as as “People’s Video History.” From 1991 to 2018 Deep Dish TV provided in depth coverage of the U.S. government’s wars on the people of Iraq. Shocking and Awful – A Grassroots Response to War and Occupation is a 12 part series of 1/2 hour programs that provides in-depth history and analysis of the U.S. wars on Iraq and the resistance to those brutal occupations by the Iraqi people and activists throughout the world.

Hundreds of videographers, editors, artists and programmers collaborated to produce the series.

The series has been viewed by tens of thousands of people. It was selected for the Whitney Museum’s 2006 Biennial and through March 1, 2020 Shocking and Awful is currently part of the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition “Theater of Operations: Gulf Wars 1991-2011” at its PS1 location in Queens, New York.

We encourage you to visit this powerful exhibit if possible. There are over 80 artists, among them 32 Iraqi artists, in the exhibition. You can also watch the Deep Dish TV Shocking and Awful series online.

Shocking and Awful

Additional Films on the Iraq War

The World Tribunal On Iraq (Istanbul)

In addition, Deep Dish TV staff and volunteers traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to document The World Tribunal On Iraq in 2006.

Testimonies at The World Tribunal on Iraq